I get a lot of questions about why a pure whey protein powder is better than the Brand Names, and why am I against artificial ingredients found in Brand Name whey protein powders, so I decided to share my thoughts in hopes you would pitch in and help promote my ideologies and turn this industry around!

Here are my ideas and principles

I am not completely against the agricultural advances of the last few decades. I know that we have billions of people to feed on this planet, and without new and innovative food products we will not be able to feed everyone. I know that we need new types of carbs like High Fructose Corn Syrup, and Maltodextrin. I know that without these types of agrarian advancements we could not feed, and over feed all of the people we do.

I don't want you getting the idea that I am an "Organic Food Nazi". I don't want you to think I am completely against any science as it relates to food component innovation. Matter of fact.... I love food, all kinds of foods. I even like some junk foods, because they taste great. I like some fast food as well. You may even catch me eating fast food when I travel.

The reason I built this site was because I just feel like our only options these days are what the big corporate companies shove in our face, with all their advertising and media. I feel like everything I put in my mouth has weird chemicals in it. Whether it's a supplement containing aspartame, sucralose, phosphoric acid, (and I could go on and on!!) etc. or it's a can of diet soda with red #21.

Now granted, I can't avoid these chemicals all together, but if I can eliminate them in some of my intakes that's better than nothing, and it will make me feel a ton better not having to worry when I see the latest news blip about contaminants coming from foreign countries and if they are in the food items I am eating.

My biggest consternation with all these new sweeteners, taste preservers, fillers, etc. is actually due more to the fact that when I was buying whey protein (Brand Names) in the past, I wanted my moneys worth. Think about it.... When you buy a 5lb tub of Brand Name whey protein, don't you want 5lbs of whey protein???? Not 4.8lbs of whey protein and .2 lbs of chemicals. What do those chemicals do to aid in tissue recovery??? Nothing! What harm do those chemicals do? I don't know for sure, but they must do more harm than if you didn't ingest them in the first place.... Right?

Now the second problem. Where do you think all of those weird chemicals and fillers come from? I know your gears are turning now! That's right... they come from the cheapest source! Often times, China. Now.... I don't hate China, matter of fact I am a huge fan, but when these huge manufacturer's of the Brand Name whey proteins are charging me an arm and a leg for my protein powder, and they are skimping on the quality.... well that doesn't hardly seem fair to me! Now I won't go into product quality here, but you remember the stories of tainted dog food, baby food, chocolate powder, toothpaste all from China and other over seas sources (just look at some of the links below if you don't know what I am talking about).

I am not trying to be a fear monger or trying to stir things up. I just think it's time that we have another option, and can stick it to these huge supplement manufacturers that only care about the bottom line!

People have asked me, "These chemicals are in everything, why are you only worried about protein?" My answer is that I am only one person and can only do one thing at a time. If I were to spread myself too thin, I might not have an impact, but to be focused on one thing I might make a difference.

I do need your help though. In order for this movement to work, I need you to help re-educate the public. I feel like the Brand Name Manufacturer's have spent so much money educating us to buy only their products, that when people are confronted with something new and out of the ordinary (like pure whey protein with no artificial flavors, no artificial sweeteners, no fillers, etc.) they don't even know how to proceed.

I remember telling some of my friends about my earlier uses of pure whey protein and wanted to share it with them. They would ask me "Well???? What do I do with the pure whey protein?" I was blown away. Of course you blend it or shake it or whatever.... just like you do with the Brand Name stuff. I couldn't believe that people could be so "caught off guard". But when you sit down and think about it.... it starts to make sense. These giant Brand Name Manufacturers have been brainwashing us for ever to believe we have to ingest whey protein that contains other ingredients. Ingredients like artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, artificial colors, etc. I am sure the list goes on and on. Now it's time to break that misconception and realize pure whey protein powder is better for you, it's healthier, it's priced better, it mixes better, and it taste better. It's just plain better than anything the Brand Name guys are doing. This will be proven, as you will probably start to see the Brand Names come out with a plain and natural whey protein. Mark my words.

So this is my battle and plight and I need your help! I can't do it without you. We have to re-educate the general public and make them understand that they don't have to have whey protein with all those bizarre potentially tainted chemicals. We can have pure whey protein powder, and get the amount you pay for!!

I implore you; please help me in this struggle! If we can make a difference here, with pure whey protein powder, who knows where we can go next. I have so many ideas and desires as I am sure you do also. If we take one step at a time, I think we can have a huge impact. Please educate everyone you know and everyone you don't.

For more info on tainted foods see our forum

Feel free to email me with any questions or concerns or new ideas.

Big Andy

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